Ever consider that having a marketing coach or thought partner “on call” as a need arises may help you accelerate decision-making and execution (and thus improve ROI)? A common example is business leaders in small organizations that need help figuring out their brand’s messaging strategy, or deciding the best approach to marketing challenges and the workload.

If you don’t have time to:

  • Audit and measure your current brand and content strategy or marketing approach
  • Hone your website, messaging, content or brand identity
  • Keep up with marketing trends, data and best practices
  • Digest and make decisions about all you’re learning from Google searches, social media, your friends and colleagues
  • Conduct research and browse the web for answers

Or the money to:

Retain a full-service marketing or PR agency…
Perhaps on-demand, as-needed expert marketing coaching and advice is a good way to go.

As a marketing coach and consultant I can:

  • Audit what you’re doing and give you a fresh perspective with specific recommendations to improve for better results.
  • Help you fine-tune your messaging, brand identity, website, and content strategy.
  • Give you ongoing, practical advice that you can take realistic action on for ROI.
  • Help you get organized, put structure around your vision, bounce around ideas and crystallize your thinking.
  • Be a resource to your team to answer burning questions or to give advice in areas of marketing where you have little confidence on what direction to take.
  • Give you best practices and ideas current with the times.
  • Review content and campaign ideas and provide feedback.
  • Help make sure you’re being realistic about what you want/need to do, and coach you on how to better manage execution and keep your spending down.
  • Give tips for improved marketing organizational design, processes and workflow.

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